Technical Writing Job Explained: Beginner’s Guide to Start a Career

When exploring career options, individuals consider technical writing jobs because such jobs provide satisfaction and adequate remuneration.  Technical writers are needed in different industries including banking and finance, engineering, automation, computer technologies, and e-commerce, among others. The skills can be acquired beyond the classroom but are often preferable to have a degree in a technical field to enable you to adapt properly.

Technical writing job description

Technical writers are expected to deliver documentation for consumer and commercial products. The job description includes:

  1. Prepare user manuals or instructions for products

The user manual communicates the features of the products, installation procedure and benefits of the products’ use for customers. The documentation must be clear, and customers must find it easy to understand. There is the expectation that the user manual must meet the applicable standards within the industry with necessary warnings to customers under the safety and precaution segment.

  1. Make tutorials

Technical writers prepare tutorials for complex information to guide the users on the use of purchased products. The tutorials are modeled in a simple and engaging format to facilitate the ease of learning. This minimizes the chances of customer’s dialing the customer service center repeatedly.

  1. Develop website content

Companies employ technical writers to provide content for the help section of their websites. Most times, the technical writers must anticipate possible problems that the users may encounter while using the product and provide content in response to the questions. Technical writers may even provide interpretation for error codes on your website with resolution steps that can be accessed at one’s convenience.

Technical writing opportunities

There are different platforms where you can get information on how to become a technical writer. Individuals no longer have to deal with distance as a constraint in building their career as technical writers, because there are technical writing jobs online. If you are interested in writing about commercial and consumer products, this guide sets out a few options below.

  • Entry-level technical writing jobs

You can explore entry-level roles for companies and organizations if you have little or no experience in technical writing. The role allows you to build your expertise because companies are invested in training their entry-level staff. It is an advantage if you are interested in launching a career in technical writing. You also stand the chance of being promoted if you perform efficiently while also learning the culture and policies of the company.

  • Part-time technical writing jobs

Individuals who would want to ease into a career in technical writing can take up part-time jobs to enable them to explore the career path before deciding about a career change. It is also recommended for people interested in making extra income. When you take part-time jobs, you have time to explore other activities. There is also less pressure on your schedule which minimizes stress levels and guarantees improved health.

  • Freelance technical writing jobs

Freelance opportunities provide independence for technical writers as they negotiate their terms of engagement. If you are passionate about being your own boss, then freelancing is a good option. You have flexible hours to work with more time for other priorities. You can also choose your schedule to align with whatever phase of your life you are experiencing at the moment. Freelance technical writers can always raise their rates without having to speak with a supervisor. In addition to this, being responsible for the gigs boosts your commitment to self-development to increase your market worth.


The skills of a technical writer are relevant in today’s world as technology continues to expand across the globe. Companies will continue to recruit and train technical writers that are committed to customer satisfaction and loyalty within the industry. 

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