Where can You Get Freelance Writing Jobs?

A thousand articles can answer your queries about what skills you require and tips to get a freelance writer’s job. But the question that remains unanswered is from where to source these jobs.

Before you go hunting for a job, you need to determine what kind of work you want. As there is stiff competition, the freshers are not paid more than a few dollars no matter how hard they work. So, whether you want to go for blogging or ghostwriting, you need to have a little experience in that field.

So what are the resources to get good freelancing jobs? You’ll learn that soon. Finding jobs through these platforms will prove to be extremely beneficial for you. You will be paid well, and simultaneously you will build up your skills set.

Look for Pro Blogger Job Boards

Pro blogger job boards are trustworthy and authentic sources to get a job. These boards list all the jobs for blog writing, and so is the primary choice of all willing blog post writers. Besides, the ads displayed on this page are detailed enough to let you know the needed experience and pay-parameters.

Land Freelance Writing Gigs Online

Freelance writing gigs are the network and community of freelance writers on which the streams are updated every day of the week. Besides, it also offers categories to make it convenient for job seekers to browse through a blogging job or a content writer’s job.

In fact, you can also subscribe to the website to get regular job notifications in your inbox. Not just that, this blog also gives a lot of advice about how to land a decent job.

Media Jobs at MediaBistro

If you are interested in the local media works, this website is your destination. They also organize many live events to spread awareness about the jobs available and call for interviews.

They offer freelancing, remote working as well as full-time jobs in all areas of media. Additionally, if you are searching for jobs by location, MediaBistro is an ideal platform.

Creative Placement Firms

Creative placement firms are a great platform if you like to take temp jobs at short notice. Besides, you can also work full-time jobs onsite for the client. You can sign up with pages like The Creative Group and Creative Circle as they offer some fantastic jobs in your area of interest.

Get a Job From Craigslist

Although Craigslist is not recommendable for freelancers as it contains job postings in an unorganized way, you can still find local and possibly remote work on this site. In fact, the jobs you see at Problogger and Writing Gigs are sourced from this site only.

The only trouble this website causes is that it contains spammy links. Therefore you need to be ultra-cautious while finding jobs at this site.


LinkedIn is a noble place to search for jobs as it is a professional website. You can connect with the companies that are hiring people from your field of work. Besides, you are free to choose how you want the companies to reach out to you. You can land interesting jobs through the contacts you form on LinkedIn.