Your Guide To Successful Freelancing

Do you want to earn more?

Everyone can make good money in freelancing. But most are happy to just make a living.

This site is for freelancers who want to get the maximum from this business. It will help you get paid better if you are professional freelancer or if you just get some extra work in your spare time. You will find advice how to get your customers accept your prices even if they are higher by your competitor’s offers. You will understand how to work more effectively.

Do you need more customers?

The hardest thing for any Internet based business nowadays is to get noticed in the unlimited competition. Every freelancer who works in the same field as you can be your competitor – regardless of where he or she lives.

But there is another side of the coin. Every potential customer all over the world can be your customer. On this site you’ll get some advice how to:

  • Get yourself noticed by your customers
  • Get clients finding your website, blog or resume
  • Find free leads for your service
  • Build a list of happy, returning customers

Start right away by visiting the Finding Freelance Jobs section.

Do you hate being scammed?

This is the Internet. You may never see most of your customers face-to-face. It is easier for a malicious person to scam you than it would be in the real world.

You need to protect yourself against thieves. I have received some valuable lessons for being too trustful.…

Web Designer vs Web Developer

What is a web designer?
Web designers offers HTML and graphics services and designs visually focused web pages. Their focus is on the look and feel of a site

What is a web developer?
A web developer takes care of back-end coding aspects of a website. Things like database programming, session scripts, tracking codes, and other interactivity features. A good web designer will help you organize the information for your web site and develop navigation and layout.

I am skilled as a web designer, and I also have development experience as well. Many hosting companies these days make it easier for designers to implement some pretty advanced features

Web Development is the backend of a website. It’s what puts the functionality into a website. Not every website needs to be developed, just designed. If you plan on having some advanced features available on your website, such as user login and authentication, then you need a development as well. I now offer both website design and website development. If you are unsure of what you need just contact me and I can help you with any questions you may have. I also register websites for all websites if needed, and plan on providing my own hosting in the near future. A Web Designer is also usually skilled in Graphics Design working on more traditional products such as packaging design, wedding guestbook puzzles and brochure layouts.

What is the difference between a web designer and a freelance web designer? The only difference is that freelance web designers work on their own ( they don’t work for a firm)?…

5 Essential WordPress Tips You Might Not Know About

WordPress is a popular blogging platform that is used by a huge number of website owners. While the system is very simple, there are some essential tips that users should take into account to improve their website’s speed and security.

While a website can function without these tips, that functionality can be largely impeded.

Tip 1: Plugin Access

Almost every WordPress user has a list of different plugins they are using. These plugins are great, because they add new effects and properties to the blog. At the same time, if hackers know how to get into that plugin, they can easily enter your website.

Most users unknowingly allow access to their plugins page. For example, if you go to (“domain” will be replaced with your own domain name), it will show a list of installed plugins. For example, click this link. This can be dangerous. To fix this, just upload a blank HTML file. This will then load a blank screen, and it will keep you safe.

Tip 2: Don’t Display WordPress Version

Some users have their blog set to display the current WordPress version that is installed on the website. This may seem safe, but much like the plugins problem, this can impede security. For example, if the hacker knows how to bypass the security measures on the WordPress version you are using, then the hacker can quickly enter your website and destroy it. Instead, keep this information anonymous, and don’t let people know what WordPress version you are using.…